Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Blog-a-versary To Me!

Today is the 365th day I've been blogging. One year. This little ole blog is one whole year old. I have to admit that when I started writing last summer, I had hopes I would be typing this post, but there was also this little voice that said I wouldn't make it. I've gone through periods where I get ferocious writer's block and can't seem to concoct a post out of thin air. Then I have more posts flowing in my brain than I can write. This blog is where I turned to when I held Challenge Day with my students and was so moved by them. It is where I came the day we lost a student in a tragic accident. It's where I posted my resolutions, and have asked to be held to em (last check, I'm still all about badassery!). I've shared some of my favorite recipes, restaurants, and trips. I vent and laugh about my crazy son and his adventures. When a dear friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer, I began the Sideline Reports. And most recently, I've talked about meditation, vacation, and sabbaticals.

It's been a crazy year. I am proud of this body of work. But what I'm most proud of is the women I've gotten to know through the blogasphere. Blogs like Sally McGraw's Already Pretty, Karen Walrond's Chookooloonks, Elissa Stern's Dress with Courage, Kyran Pittman's Planting Dandelions, Rita Arens' Surrender Dorothy, Maile Wilson's Daily Relish, and Blondie's Tales from Clark Street. I could go on and on, as my blogroll is giagundous. However, I am trying to be succinct! These are the blogs I have come to rely on each and every day. The ones which make me laugh, cry, feel more human, feel empowered, feel like I'm part of an awesome community, feel connected. I love them.

What defines a blog's success? I have often wondered that over the past 365 days. I don't think it is in ad revenue. Not in number of followers. Nor in number of comments each day. No, To quote Elissa Stern (read the entire post here) "Blogging success is about the loyalty of your readers, whether they continue to come back, and if they establish a relationship with you through regular, thoughtful comments." I have a few regular readers who either comment here, on my Facebook page, or via email. I love them for it. But I also believe what makes a blog a success is when the blogger can look back over her/his body of work and feel proud of each and every word written. I can say that. So, here's to another 365 days of successful blogging. From my little corner of the world here in the middle to yours!

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