Thursday, July 14, 2011

Much better this day

I know, if you check back regularly, I left you hanging. I am sorry for has been crazy-busy here this week! But I am doing much better. Last post I was in the throes of wretched anxiety. Today, I sit here, coffee mug in hand, iTunes playing my favorite playlist of the moment, feeling cool as a cucumber. Or at least, as cool as one can feel when trying to organize a household to leave for vacation. That is what this week has been about-preparing to leave our nest and get away. Over the weekend I would have gladly left early, purchased needed clothing and food upon arrival, and spent extra time at our mountain retreat. Today I'm extremely glad we did not, feeling so blessed for the husband and son I have and the family who are in my life.

So yes, I am doing better today. I'm working on adding some daily meditation to my routine. I'm starting to eat better. My little family is going to be doing some walking each day next week to jump-start our fitness plans. And, I'm going to disconnect. Take a sabbatical of sorts. I plan to stay off twitter/facebook/google+ as much as possible. I am taking paper and pen to write, draft, and come up with ideas. But as much as I can, I will digitally disconnect. When I return, I plan to tell you all about the magical mountains, the delectable restaurants, the fun side trips and more. But until then I have suitcases to pack, cookies to bake, a car to load, tomatoes to tie up, groceries to buy, and more. See you soon!

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