Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things Overheard Between Two Kids in My Car...

Jack isn't an only child, but because his sister is 18 years older than him, moved to Virginia when he was only six months old, and continues to live there to this day, he hasn't had the luxury/pain of living with another human being his own age.  It didn't dawn on me until this morning, that he really hasn't ever ridden in our car with anyone under the age of 18.  Ever.  The only conversation he has in our car is adult in nature.  So today, when we picked up a family friend of ours who was in his pre-school class, to take to Safety Town, it was as though the heavens opened up and granted him the wish of his dreams....a sibling his own age to be in cahoots with.  It is a miracle I didn't drive off the road, so hysterical was their talk.

Here is a sampling for you to enjoy...

Jack:  "Look!  A Pond!"
C:  "No.  That's a river"
Me: (to myself) It is a borrow pit...skinny, long, I can see both points since she can't see both ends.  I'm staying out of this.
Jack: "No! Pond!"
C: "No!! River!!"
Jack: irritated "Nooooo! Pooond!"
C: It's a river pond."
Jack:"Hmmmmm. Okay."

Both of their fathers work in the same school district.  One is a principal, one another form of administrator.    That should be enough background for this exchange...

C:"My daddy is a princ-a-pal.  But Jack, your daddy is in charge because my daddy is sick."
J:"Huh? Your daddy isn't sick. He's fine."
C:"No, he isn't sick. But he's sick, so your daddy is in charge."
J:"My daddy works at (school)"
C:"So does my daddy!"
J:"Nu-uh. He can't.  My daddy does!"
C:"He does so! And he's sick, so your daddy is the princ-a-pal."
Me: (sensing this is careening into a fight in my car) "They both work in the same school, but C, your daddy is the principal, and Jack, your daddy is the administrator.  C, your daddy isn't sick today, right?"
Me:"But if he was, would Jack's daddy help."
C:"Ugh. That is what I said."
Jack & Me:"Oh."

Later this afternoon...stay at home moms, if you wonder what your children say about you, be afraid, be very afraid.  But working mom's kids will stick up for you, so all is well!

C: "My mom doesn't do work.  Only my dad does work."
J:"Your mom DOES work."
C:"Nope. Just stays home with my baby brother."
J:"That's work!"

And there is where I promptly began to laugh so hard I nearly peed myself on the back porch.  The best part is nowhere in their conversations did Safety Town come up.  Unless prompted.  They were in their own 4-5 year-old worlds.  I loved it.  Now my boy is sound asleep on his bed, wrapped in dingy blankie, sunburned cheeks and strawberry blond sweaty hair.  These are the best days ever.

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