Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday Haze

Yesterday I had to make a run to The Anderson's (for those of you not from Toledo, it is a general store of goodness and light and lots of yummy things).  I was on a mission to buy plant stakes and cookies.  On my way back to the garden section I hit a detour.  You see, their Christmas Tree section, filled with lights and music, had just been set up.  The overhead lights were dimmed, Christmas carols played softly, and trees twirled on their bases.  I slowed my pace a bit and felt my breath catch.  Normally I boycott all things Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  I am a Thanksgiving freak.  I love the holiday of food and family.  I love that I only have to cook and not shop and wrap and plan for weeks and weeks and weeks.  Last year I wasn't feeling the whole Christmas thing for many reasons.  We had a tough fall around here.  Our son had his tonsils and adenoids out a few days before Christmas.  I just felt overwhelmed and exhausted.  But yesterday at The Anderson's...well...

I felt excited.

Somehow I am feeling my love for the Christmas holiday season creeping back into my soul.  I am anxiously looking for reasons to drag out my snowman decor a few days early.  I want to start to organize and stage my decorating day.  I am ready to make lists for shopping.  I want to get my cards ordered and envelopes addressed.  I find myself thinking about how our house is going to look, all decorated and lit up. 

I try not to put too many expectations on any holiday.  I just want to enjoy the time with my family.  But by my own nature, I start with anticipation, then excitement, then I explode enthusiasm all over the place.  This can have disastrous consequences.  So while I feel my holiday haze coming over me on this November 5, I will do my best to keep it in check.  Not to take on too much.  Be as low key as possible. 

But I can't really help myself.  I do love Christmas.  So very much...