Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I Vote

I promise you a few things before I even go down the road of writing this post-I promise not to get political.  I promise not to endorse (or bash) any one candidate or issue.  I promise not to reveal my votes to you either.  It's my personal private business, as one brat-packer said. 

So, unless you've been under a rock, you will be quite aware that today is Election Day in the United States.  And, I've already cast my vote. 

I voted way early actually.  A few weeks ago.  But I am geeked out enough by hitting up the polls and getting my say in that I save the sticker to wear with pride all Election Day.  Don't mock.  I haven't missed an election since the presidential election of 1996.  I was able to register to vote, my birthday falling a few days before the cut-off.  I vote in major elections, minor elections, issues-only elections, and a combination of all the above.  My voice has been heard as often as I can legally make it heard since I turned 18. 
Voting is extremely important to me.  I want it to be extremely important to all Americans.  I want to see a sea of 'I voted' stickers surrounding me by the end of Election Day.  Yes, I am passionate about my candidates and issues.  But that does not mean I believe those who have opposing viewpoints should be silenced.  This is what makes our nation so great.  We are made up of a patchwork of citizenry.  People who look at the world through lenses so varied, no two are alike. 
I vote for the women who couldn't during the first 143 years of our nation's existence.  I vote for those who fought in our military before they could cast a ballot.  I vote for those who came to our country for a chance at a better life.  I vote for those who live in a country where voting can be a life-threatening prospect.  I vote for the strength of a democracy.  I vote because I believe it is the most patriotic thing a citizen can do on Election Day.    
 This past Sunday, I caught the end of Bob Schieffer's Face the Nation and saw his commentary on voting.  He succinctly states exactly why each citizen who is registered to vote, should turn out at the polls today.  Hope to see all of your shining faces there! Happy Election Day to all Americans today.