Monday, February 11, 2013

Mine Is Better Than Yours

If you're anything like me, you spent the majority of your Sunday evening watching the Grammy Awards-and tweeting about everything from the fashion to the music to the presenters to the lighting effects (and the water).  Yet as the evening wore on I began to notice a trend among my twitter feed (aside from the quirky mix of Downton-ites ignoring the Grammys, the weather-watchers glued to the tornado outbreak, and my school counseling tweeps engaged in their regular Sunday night edchat).  There was a chorus of "my opinion on music is superior to yours."  This caused me to back slowly away from engaging in any real banter with many of those whom I love chatting with on a regular basis.  I mean, come on, this is music.  The great uniter.  The one thing we should all agree on.  Yet suddenly the battle lines were drawn.

I understand I have what I consider "quirky" taste in music.  In one commute to work I can switch between a country music station, a grunge 90's station, some jazz on my iPhone, and a little blues.  I love classical music in a nerdtastical way (as in, I have favorite composers and eras).  I will tune in to Folk Night on the NPR station when I'm back home on the weekends.  I love me a good banjo player.  Don't get me started on the mandolin. 

You may not find any rap, urban, hip-hop, classic rock, hard rock, much pop, or electronica music in my music library.  But that certainly does not mean I don't appreciate the talents those musicians bring to the table.  What amazed me was the derision many had for them last night.  I saw derogatory comments for just about every musician that took the stage.  From Sir Elton John to Zac Brown Band, the Black Keys and Prince.  I mean seriously people.  These are some of the best musical minds of our generation.  They may not make the music you choose to purchase, but that does not mean you cannot bring yourself to appreciate what they bring to the table.  I may not like what Richard Wagner or Phillip Glass composed, and do not choose to listen to any of it, but I realize they have unique talents and skills. 

I think I will take Kelly Clarkson's approach.  I may not know who Miguel is, but damn if I didn't find his performance amazing.  I think the best thing the Grammy Awards can do for us is celebrate the musicians we love and open our eyes to ones we don't know about.  I have a few albums I will be investing in soon.  And yes, I'm totally, unashamedly, on the Justin Timberlake bandwagon.