Monday, February 4, 2013

Reconnecting and Reunions

Today I am exhausted. Eyes must be propped open on toothpicks just to stay open.  Limbs are filled with lead.  I am moving with the slowness of one stuck in a vat of molasses. 

We spent our weekend travelling.  The primary objective was a Rosanne Cash concert to see in Colonial Willamsburg.  It was a much needed escape for me and my husband.  A long dinner out over wine and good food.  A weekend spent in one of our honeymoon spots.  Meeting up with my stepdaughter and her husband for lunch since we were close enough to see them. An evening filled with good music and laughter.  Conversation that wasn't constantly interrupted by a kindergartner's stream-of-consciousness banter.  While a substantial chunk of Saturday and Sunday were spent in airports and on airplanes getting to and from our destination, I can say without reservation it was just what we needed.  Even the time travelling.  We needed the reconnection.  Life has a way of getting in the way of couples.  No matter how much we try to be present in our relationships.  The minutiae of day-to-day life gets in there and can make you feel, well, just, meh.  A weekend like this was just what the doctor ordered.  Of course now all I want to do is be at home, with the fireplace roaring, snuggled down on his shoulder watching Out of Africa on repeat.  So then there's that...

One of the sweetest things this weekend though had nothing to do with us.  It came at the tail end of our trip.  We were rushing to make our connecting flight back to Ohio (which ended up delayed by several hours).  Once at the gate, I sat down breathlessly next to a woman with the most adorable little baby girl ever in the history of the universe.  Husband continued on to find a restroom.  I gushed to her about how sweet her little sleeping girl was.  She told me she had been travelling from Nigeria and asked about the delay.  Then asked if I had a phone she could borrow to call her husband.

Come again?  She's been travelling from Nigeria.  Alone.  With a nine-month old baby girl? Let's all pause for a moment in respect for this mother.

So the rest of her story was all the more sweet.  Her husband had left in August to start his MBA program at The Ohio State University.  Their daughter was only 3 months old then.  They haven't seen each other since.  She was on her way to Columbus to join him with their little girl in her arms.  Non stop flying, connections, more flying.  Hasn't ever been out of Nigeria in her life.  I have to mention here she was wearing sandals.  She spoke to her husband on my phone for a bit, telling him she loved him, she was sorry about the delay, they would be there soon, the baby was fine, etc, etc.  It was adorable.  I wanted to hug her, but didn't want to wake the baby.  When husband arrived back from the restroom we all chatted on and off through the duration of the delay.  Once we boarded our flight she disappeared from view until landing.  I saw her at the gate where she asked how to get to baggage-and urgent look on her face.  I felt tears stinging my eyes with joy for her.  A little while later as we exited the airport to our shuttle I saw to my right a taller man holding up that little, beautiful baby girl in his arms, smiling ear-to-ear, as her mother beamed from a bench below.  The family was reunited on a cold and snowy Ohio evening. 

Yes, it was a perfect weekend.  With a perfect ending.  We even got to reunite with our boy who wanted to stay longer with his friends.  Which is completely understandable.  The beginnings of independence are blossoming in him. 

For now though, I will get back to work and hope that this next mug of coffee will wake me up.  Or something like that...