Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Our Son May Not Make 10

See this face...

don't let it fool you with its innocence and adorableness.


Me: upon noticing our son leaping from kitchen stool to kitchen stool, at risk of life and limb, "Jack, quit jumping on the furniture!"

Jack: "Huh? It's not furniture."

Me: "Quit. Jumping. On. The. Furniture."

Jack: (pounding said stool with fist) "It's hard, see. It's not furniture because it's hard. Furniture is comfy. This isn't."

Me: "It is furniture. And quit jumping on it. And while I'm explaining this, the table, chairs, and non-comfy objects are furniture."

Jack : (giant exasperated sigh) "Nope. They aren't. But I'll stop jumping."


Because he was like, doing us such a huge favor.