Friday, August 3, 2012

Brain Junk Food

Has anyone out there fallen in love with the new Dallas?

Go ahead, you can admit it.  This is a safe place.  A place where we can freely admit our gluttonous pleasure over any of the Real Housewives fiascoes, how we adore our episodes of Hawaii-5-0, we DVR Bethenny Ever After because it makes us laugh till we cry. Yes, there are more virtuous things we could watch, shows on PBS about science perhaps.  News on CNN each evening keeping us abreast of world issues.  Historical documentaries on The Smithsonian Channel to remind us how we got here.  All perfectly adult things to spend our evening pursuits on.

Cough, cough.  I'm sorry.  By the time my evenings have rolled around I am spent.  Done.  Over with the thinking and analyzing of the day.  Between my job (during the school year) and the drama that accompanies it (junior high girls are brutal), dealing with our kindergarten son after work who wants undivided attention, trying to get a few things done around the house, rushing off to whatever after school activities we have that day, and finally collapsing onto the couch in exhausted heaps, I just want my brain to rot on really junky television.

I'm not even sorry I'm not sorry.  (And not certain if that made sense to anyone other than me)

Anywhooo, back to Dallas.

I never watched the original cast.  It was more a show my grandma and mom watched.  (I'm not certain they did, but we loved The Wonder Years and 90210 over JR).  But I was interested when I saw the ad trailers for this refreshed cast, and thought, what the hey, it is summer and I don't have much I'm following right now.  I gave it a shot.  

I am in luuuurveeee with this show.  L.O.V.E.  There are so many reasons to love it.  First, it doesn't require you to think too hard.  I am not entirely certain where all the plot lines are going, but I can predict just enough that I don't have to hang on every word.  Second, the fashions are beautiful. Silly reason maybe, but I'm crushing on all those boots, skinny jeans, sweaters, jackets, and hats.  It makes me so ready for fall.  Third, it brings on just enough cheese factor that you know they aren't taking themselves too seriously.  

The season finale is next Wednesday.  Yes, I'll be DVRing it.  Then I'll gear up for my fall slate of shows.  One new one I'm excited about to replace Dallas-the new ABC show Nashville.  Looks like fun!  So, what are your favorite "don't make me think right now" fun shows?  Don't be shy, we all have them...