Thursday, August 9, 2012


My husband and I have started a cleanse of sorts. (I'll give you the link when we are done, I promise!) Man, am I struggling with it. I mean S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G. It is a seven day process with very prescripted things we are allowed to consume each day. Granted, it is unlimited amounts of each thing(s), but I don't do well when I eliminate foods I adore. Like my morning coffee. Or my sugar. Oh sugar. Or cheese. I love my cheese.


In the few weeks leading up to this, we had discussed it, decided together it was a good idea, decided it would be a great way to kick-start our healthy eating, decided to do it together. I know without a shadow of a doubt I would be so done if it weren't for my husband doing this with me. Every time I get the urge to cheat "just a little" I think about him and how I need to stick with our plan.


The thing is, it is working. We have dropped weight. And it cannot possibly be water weight, because we are drinking enough water to drown small animals. I am peeing as though I were nine months pregnant. I even said yesterday these exact words "I go pee and you couldn't tell if I didn't flush" Damn. That's some good peein. (sorry, this cleanse has me giving way to much information. Avert your eyes from the type)


We have a post cleanse plan too. We have discussed how we intend to change our eating habits. I am looking at registering for another 5K in mid-October as a fitness goal for myself. Once we are through this cleanse and I am eating a bit more normally, I will start my running regiment again.


We both know we need to do this. We know our habits haven't been healthy. We have been feeling better through the process of this cleanse, even if our minds are begging us for grocery store cookies and fast food fries. And milkshakes. And cake. And peanut butter. And. Oh shut up minds. We have grit. And we can do this. Next week, when we are on the other side of this cleanse, I will link you to the information and report back on our results. So far, we are seeing fantastic results. Be prepared for two happy (and cleansed) individuals!


Until then, I reserve the right to be grumpy and dream about cake and cookies and pie and hamburgers and


No. I have grit. I'll dream about bananas and tomatoes.