Monday, August 27, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

It is Monday.  It is raining.  It is humid.  My hair is flat and limp as a bowlful of leftover noodles.  I woke up late.  I got stuck at two slow train crossings.  My coffee was bitter.  I had to take the furthest parking spot from the door.  My car's convertible top edge poured water on the very tippy-top of my skull as I exited.

I could wallow in a serious case of the Mondays.  Clearly, it would be warranted, right? I could mope and skulk around with the best of them.  But I will overcome.  There is a silver lining to my morning.  I will be damned if I don't find it. 

Looking...seeking...wait for it. Here.  It.  Is.

1.  The rolls of single-ply toilet paper in my office restroom (yes I said office restroom but that is a whole other post) were lined up perfectly to dispense as though they were two-ply.  Therefore creating a much happier me.

2.  No sun, no heat.   No heat, no oven to bake our un-air conditioned junior high school.  No oven to bake us, no junior high school students (who have yet to discover the wonders of antiperspirant) who will offend our olfactory sensibilities.

3.  I did manage to cut up a perfectly ripe Lake Erie peach to bring to work this morning.  It is juicy, sweet and delightful.

4.  Today marks the first day we are not allowing schedule changes.  All school counselors who read this can appreciate the relief I feel when I typed that sentence.  Schedule changes are a never-ending Rubik cube puzzle.  They begin around January when we prepare the master schedule for the next year, continue through the spring as students select courses and change their minds one million times, slow to a trickle over the summer when we are not in our offices but check our email, then turn to crisis proportions when we return and the line snakes out our office doors for days on end and we hear "I cannot possibly take '_____', I must drop '_____', my child needs '_______'" over and over and over.  You move, shuffle, shift, and pray as you add and drop and hope the changes will work and each student leaves happy (they all won't)  Then this day comes and you finally breathe again. 

So Monday, you have tried to take me down.  You have given it your best shot.  But I will not be defeated.  I will choose to find my silver lining and skip merrily into my Tuesday.