Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School

I'm back to work (school) and blogging while I sit in the limbo hours between the end of teacher work day and the start of open house. (Not so keen on making the hour drive home and hour drive back for an hour long open house, so I sit in my office and blog instead. Or shop.  Think I'll hit up Gap in a few minutes.)  I have unpacked the necessary boxes to function for this year.  There is a working computer (obviously).  I have no phone in my office.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  I can't make calls to any of the people I need to, yet I cannot be tracked down constantly.  Give and take, I suppose. 

Each year the re-entry is a bit rough.  This summer we nested, hung close to our cave, had a very quiet summer.  Literally and figuratively.  One week ago today I was a well-rested individual.  I didn't feel overwhelmed or stressed.  Today I hit four in the afternoon and my body will not allow my eyes to remain open.  I was zonked yesterday.  That sleep where you get blanket wrinkles and drool on your arm.  I'm sure I'll adjust soon, but man could I use a nap! 

In the spirit of trying to keep myself optimistic, I'll compile a list of reasons I'm happy to be back, and refer to it often! 

1. NPR's Morning Edition during my morning commute.  Because I drive an hour to work, I get a fairly good chunk of the show in.  This makes my brain very happy.

2.  Football season. I adore football.  Love it to my core.  I love the season starting with summer heat and ending with snowflakes on our eyelashes.  This Friday is the first of the season.  We will get popcorn, cheer on our boys, wear school colors, and squint under those bright lights once again.

3.  Catching up with friends. Once the hectic start of the year dies down, I will get a chance to catch up with everyone I've missed over the summer months.  We are just like our students-giggling over stories, exclaiming over new hair colors, examining each other's new school clothes. It never changes.

4. The parade of buses each morning.  I love the sight of school buses in the early morning light.  Something about it just makes me feel joyful.  So bring on the kids, throw open the doors, and wheel up those buses.  It is time to start another year!