Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Terrible Twos

This blog is officially entering the toddler stage.  Terrible Twos.

Today is my second blog-a-versary.  Holy cow.

Let me frame this for you.

I am the queen of starting things with enthusiasm, digging in, then floundering and eventually putting them aside.  I can't begin to tell you how many "hobbies" I've struck up in the course of my lifetime that are now collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.  Or worse, have ended up in a trash bin.  I'm just not good at the follow through.  But this space-while I'm not always a consistent blogger,  (not the absence of posts between May and July)  I continue to come back here.  I find that writing is sometimes an act of brain purging for me.  Sometimes it is an act of community building.  Sometimes it is an act of comedy.

What I find is that just when I feel I have nothing left to say, nothing left to write a wellspring opens up and I'm right back here with my fingers to keyboard and cursor blinking back at me.  I am very proud of this body of work I've created.  Last blog-a-versary I wrote of all the women bloggers who inspire me along this path.  This blog-a-versary I think I'll make a promise to my readers-that I will be back to write this post again on my 3rd blog-a-versary.  I love this space.  It is my little corner of the interwebs to rant, rave, praise, sing and shout.  You can keep coming back because I will keep on writing.

Here's to another year of the written word!