Friday, May 18, 2012

About Me

I was asked yesterday the dreaded "tell me about yourself" question.  By a group of people who pretty much know me.  I knew it was coming.  I had thought about what I would say-I mean I have gone to professional conferences with them, shared dinners out, countless meetings, lunch breaks, phone conversations and more.  Yet this was the formal sit-down.  I could answer any number of questions on their page but this one.  I mean, these women (and man) know just about everything about me.  They know I'm an uber-geeky band kid.  I'm terrified of thunderstorms.  I garden (and leave jars of jam or pickles in their breakroom).  I have a stepdaughter, son and husband.  I am from the opposite side of our heart-shaped state.  How can you be stumped by a question about yourself? Seriously! Then it dawned on me.  No one knows I blog. 

"I am a writer. I have a blog"

Eyes lit up.  Questions flew.  I sat up a bit straighter.  Never before, outside of the blogging world and a small circle of friends who also read/write blogs, have I talked out loud about my little blog.  It felt so good.  I am very proud of what I do here.  I write for me.  I started writing here because I wanted to celebrate life in Ohio, life in the middle.  Then I kept writing because I wanted to share my family, good food, funny stories, and life with those who stopped by.  I write because I don't have to.  I write because I am part of a community of amazing women.  I write because it slows me down.  I write because I love to.

Answering that question "tell us about yourself" isn't ever easy-whether the group knows all about you, or hasn't ever met you.  Telling the world about yourself is like standing on a shifting dune.  We are ever changing and cannot possibly be boiled down to a few short words or sentences.  But at least I can say I am proud of the answer I gave yesterday.  I did leave out one thing though.

I hate broccoli.  But I'll save that for the next time.