Monday, May 21, 2012

Why I'm Here

Way back when I started this blog in my little corner of the interwebs, I wanted to celebrate life here in our heart-shaped state.  Because, let's face it, Ohio isn't always one for getting great press.  We're out here in the middle.  We have lots of farms.  Our cities aren't gigantic.  I hear from many people about how backwards we are, how terrible it must be to live here, how people who visit can't wait to get back to (fill in the blank____), how it is just 'meh.'  When I start hearing these comments the hairs on the back of my neck start to stand up.  I get defensive.  Everywhere has their good and their bad.  And when I hear someone talking about bad about where I live, I start mentally listing all the bad things I could say about where they live.

But that would be counterproductive.  And I hate counterproductivity almost as much as I hate people hating on Ohio. 

Yes, I have a point.  Just this weekend, it was stunning and beautiful and perfect here.  The skies were blue as could be with hardly a cloud to be seen.  The air was warm on our shoulders.  The grass felt just right under our feet.  Birds were singing as if they were auditioning for a role on a Disney soundtrack.  We had the quintessential summertime meal of hamburgers on the grill, made better by some fresh grilled asparagus.  Ate on our screen porch in the evening sunshine.  We drove to the local custard stand with the top down on my convertible and ate in the parking lot.  I held hands with my husband while the three of us sung along with the radio.  It was perfect. 

Are there things about where we live that aren't perfect? Of course.  But when you stand on your high horse and look down your nose at the rest of us as if we aren't good enough, you miss out on all those little moments that make up the good stuff of life.  That is what I celebrate here.  The good stuff that makes up our life here in The Middle.  I will continue to choose to ignore the haters and embrace those who are positive. Be it about my love for all things Ohio, or places we go, this is the time we are given...let's enjoy it while we are here!

Now, I will climb down off my soap box, head outside to more sunshine and warmth, and maybe even enjoy some ice cream.