Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letter to a Five Year Old Boy

I write this on the twenty-first of February.  Five years ago today was the last full day of pregnancy for me.  I was on bed rest.  Skyrocketing blood pressure caused me to take to the couch for the final weeks of pregnancy.  I was scheduled for an appointment on February twenty-second.  I remember hoping things were just bad enough that they would induce me, because I was massively uncomfortable, swollen, I couldn't eat much, and I desperately wanted our boy to make his appearance in the world.  Twenty four hours later, he did.  February 23, 2007 at nearly 2am. 

Five years have come and gone.  Five years! How can that possibly be? We have transitioned from spit-up rags, tiny diapers, infant-sized ball caps and bottles to electric guitars, slime, youth-sized ball caps, and requests for root beer with dinner.  That first year I had an ever-present companion that rested like a turtle on my chest.  Our summer was blissful-first feeding at sunrise, back to sleep for the both of us for a few hours, then playtime.  Lots of rocking on the porch swing watching the sunshine play with the trees.  Tasting the salt in the air at the beach.  Now our summers aren't much different-I am tackled in the mornings by a man-child who wants his "lovins."  He loves to play in the sand, dirt, or grass.  Evenings we catch the sunset together in our same spot. 

We love watching you grow little boy.  Just the other day your dad and I talked about what a bundle of personality you have turned into.  You are so generous with your love and generous spirit.  And I love how grateful you are for things.  Your sense of humor is still developing, but my goodness what a sense of humor it already is!  And the sarcasm you have-and you're only five! You are a perfect match for our family.  You show such compassion for anyone who is hurting-quick to hug, kiss, and give love to those who need it.  Only five short years ago we didn't have you as a daily presence in our lives, and yet we cannot imagine a single second without you in it. 

I so look forward to the coming years. To the discoveries you'll have.  To our adventures as a family.  I savor each day with you and our little family.  Our baseball games where you ask your dad one million and one questions.  Football games where you cheer for both teams without realizing it.  Dinners out when you flirt with the waitresses.  Car trips when you name each and every vehicle on the road.  Life with you is magical and fun.  Happiest of birthdays little man.  Here's to many, many more.