Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Hour Friday February 10

Hold it, here it comes, ready?


I have had the most fantastic, fabulous, lovely week. Well, as far as weeks in the dead of winter can go. Who can't get excited about that?  Darling husband and I have started Week 1 of our Couch to 5K program, and I finished yesterday (he finishes this afternoon).  Mad high fives to all! For us this is a major accomplishment.  We haven't exactly been the best about our health the last five years or so.  And while it has only been one week, I am going to dance, celebrate, and do jiggity jig over each and every little accomplishment.  So, here's my list of things that I'm celebrating this is a bit long. Please add yours so we can just bask in our glow of awesomeness on Saturday and Sunday!

I started the week's run with 1.6 miles, added a bit more distance and shaved a little time.  Thank you, thank you very much.  Two of my three runs were outside in the Ohio sunshine. And I ran yesterday in the most adorable park that reminded me of one we ran in ages ago in North Carolina.  Cannot wait for the next nice day to go again.  And it is on my way home from work! Can't beat that!

Sometimes I can't fix the problems my students come into my office with, and that hurts me to my core.  I'm someone who loves nothing more than to fix things-or to cheer someone on as they fix things.  Well, this week I helped one student mend a few academic issues that stood in the way of acceptance of her career tech program-she was so excited we did the jump and hug.  AND yesterday I met with my group of teens that are working on not harming themselves.  These kids are awe-inspiring.  Between sessions they support each other, lift each other up, and work so hard to be kind to themselves.  During session we laugh, we cry a little, and mostly we talk about how to be good to our souls.  They will grow up to be women who are fierce and amazing.  I love them to pieces.

Yesterday I had a dinner date with my boy Jack.  When your child grows from baby to toddler to small child and you see the personality just go like crazy it is amazing.  He slays me with his sense of humor. His wicked ornery ways. His kind heart.  Yes, sometimes he makes me insane.  But last night I remembered just what I adored about this boy.

Now, normally I don't write ahead, but I cannot hold back on this.  I am so excited because my perfect husband set up an entire day for us tomorrow-made arrangements for our boy to spend a day with friends, for us to get massages, do some shopping (sans child, sans "are we done yet?!"), and dine at our favorite restaurant in town.  Ladies, I am such a lucky woman.

I hope your weeks were just as filled with beauty, light and happiness.  Share in your goodness in the comments and then raise a glass to the weekend!  We deserve it, right? (now, pass the bourbon...)