Thursday, February 23, 2012

Less Winded

Well, we are on week three of our 5K training program, and still running along.  I am starting to notice small changes daily.  When I take the stairs here at work, I'm not winded at the top.  When I'm charging down the hallway after a student, my heart isn't racing.  I'm sleeping much more soundly at night.  These are all small things, but they're adding up.

The training works in baby steps.  This week the longest we are supposed to run is three minutes at a time.  After my final run in week two, I was terrified.  Last Friday I did not have a great run.  Stitches in my side. Sore feet. Pounding headache.  Barely finished.  So I began this week with a bundle of nerves.  I did not think I would get through three whole minutes of running without falling down on my face.  But then I did it.  And I kicked some serious ass.  Husband and I (and boy Jack) went on President's Day to the high school track and ran in the cold sunshine.  I pumped up the Pandora 80's Cardio Station and shocked myself when the time literally flew by.  I found myself nearly dancing through the two minutes of walking interval between the running times.  I wanted to jump up and down each time I finished running.  I felt so good I wanted to turn cartwheels down the track when I was done with the day's workout!  Sure, three minutes isn't much when compared to an entire 5K; but when compared to the zero minutes I was running a mere three weeks ago it is HUGE. 

Of course we had to go and get sick.  I missed my run yesterday.  I'm going to force a run out of myself today if I have to puke on the road.  I am finding myself anxiously watching the clouds and willing the rain/snowstorm to stay away until dinnertime so I can go outside for my run.  This is the longest I've stuck with a workout program since before baby (now five-year old child).  Damn, it feels so good!