Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Like a Rockstar!

What a weekend! For our boy's birthday each year, we don't buy him a gift that can be wrapped, we get him an "event." A memory as a family.  It started with Nick Jr. Live for his 3rd birthday.  Then last year we did Toy Story 3 on Ice.  This year, we too him to his very first concert.  Over the summer he asked me one day to play the "kiss me or not" song.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  It wasn't until a few days later in my car that I understood-he was singing full volume to this...

Somehow he had memorized the entire song and would sing it as loud as possible whenever he heard it.  It became our summer anthem.  Just the two of us.  I downloaded it to my iPod and we would jam on the porch swing, in the car, or wherever else the day took us.  Then this fall I heard Thompson Square was opening for Lady Antebellum in Detroit.  In February.  The weekend after little man's birthday.  Could it be more perfect? (not to mention Darius Rucker, formally Hootie was in the mix!)  Tickets were purchased and we were headed north for the weekend. 

He was in awe from the moment we entered the arena.  Sadly, the reason for our going, Thompson Square, had to cancel.  A death in the family.  But to little man it mattered none.  The electric guitars, the drums, the red keyboard, the lights, the giant screens...he loved it all.  And I loved watching him.  When Lady A came on stage he leaped out of his seat and wanted a piggy back ride.  For the first few songs of the set we danced together, me stomping my feet and swaying, him clapping his hands and bouncing.  Both of us singing as loud as we could.  I dance like a fool every time I go to a concert-now I have a mini partner in crime.  Sitting there, my husband and I sandwiching our boy with our arms, I knew this was a moment none of us would forget. 

After we got to the car and headed back to the hotel we thought for sure he would be asleep in moments.  Nope.  He proved further he was my boy.  Amped from the music and crowd he wanted to eat his leftover dessert from dinner and run around the "heltel" room.  Just like the little rock star he is.

I love our tradition we have started with him-making memories as gifts for his birthday.  As he gets older we will ask him what he would like most to do as opposed as us choosing.  But the important part is that we will be spending precious time together to celebrate him.  And isn't the gift of time more important than any item we can purchase?