Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being Awesome

Today is a bonus. Leap Day. An extra day tacked on to February every four years.  We get 24 extra hours this year, and I have a proposal for all of you-go about your day today and be extra awesome. You don't have to rush out there and cure cancer, save endangered species, or patch holes in the ozone.  No, I'm talking about being extra specially awesome in your regular day.  It isn't often we are given 24 extra hours.  And as a mental health professional, I can't tell you how many times I hear students of mine say "If only I had just one more day with...." So, here is your extra day.  And here are some of my suggestions to inject some awesome in your day...

Call someone who is in a rough patch: Remember that old AT&T commercial? Reach out and touch someone.  Do it! They will love hearing your voice, words of encouragement, or simply feeling reached out to.  Even if you end up on their voice mail, a simple "I'm thinking about you" will do the trick.

Work-out: If you already do this regularly, switch up your routine and try something new.  If you don't just head outside for a walk, dance around your living room, take a bike ride with your kids, or any other easy activity that gets your blood pumping.  It will make your body feel better, your soul happy, and you may even sleep better tonight! Can't beat that, can you?

Try a new food: If you are a cook, grab something new at the market to fix tonight. Or if you eat out, change your routine and hit up a new restaurant with the family or friends.  Your taste buds will thank you on this Wednesday night!

Enjoy a favorite dessert/drink/film: Either on your own or with someone you adore.  Whichever you prefer. Indulging in something that you wouldn't normally do on a weeknight feels sinful, fun, and delightful.  And it is a fantastic way to cap off your bonus day of the four years. 

Feel free to add to the list, or tell us how you decided to be extra-awesome today.  Whatever it is! Just remember whenever you ask for "one more day" here's your chance! So go out and seize your opportunity!  Happy Leap Day!