Thursday, February 9, 2012

And I was running

Still here.  No whimpering sounds from the corner even! Hooray for me!

I am on the third day of training for week one.  There are three days of training each week of this eight week program.  Supposedly by week eight I will be ready to run a 5K.  Honestly, this week has been fantastic.  The first day, I ran 1.6 miles.  Whoot! High fives and fist bumps all around! The second day I'm not certain how far I ran because the GPS got all whacked out (we ran inside a school building and in tiny circles/up and down stairs).  The system couldn't handle all those hairpin turns, repeating circles and at the end of the program told me I ran nine miles. Um, no.  I'll guesstimate it around one. Still, I ran stairs people. Stairs. And I didn't die.  I didn't pass out. I didn't even quit.  It was awesome!

My legs are only a teensy bit sore.  In that "woah, we are seeing some action we haven't seen in forever" way.  Not in that "can't move/walk/roll over in bed" way.  It is a good sore.  The kind where you know you're making progress. And the kind that stops hurting when you start moving. 

Today I'm on my own for a run again.  The husband and I are trying to coordinate at least one run a week together.  He went out this morning at o'dark thirty while I got ready for work to do his.  Came home glowing.  It was awesome.  I'll hit the pavement in the sunshine after work today.  And the funny part is (shhhhh....don't tell) I am kind of, really, looking forward to it.

The thing is, this program is so totally manageable.  After today I will be done for the week.  Husband will have one day left to get in.  And then we start on week two.  It does not feel overwhelming at all like I thought it would (or like other programs we have tried in the past).  The app on our phones is easy to use and lets you use either your ipod or Pandora while running.  I have no designs on being a runner-if I had a photo of my friend who races like a champ and piles up miles on her feet like no ones business, I'd attach it.  She is a runner.  No, my intentions are to regain a healthy lifestyle.  I want our son to see us complete the race this spring.  He was there on Tuesday to see his parents do their running workout.  Over the course of the next seven weeks he will see us going out to run.  I want Jack to grow up knowing about healthy choices.  We already belong to a CSA and work to put more good food into our diets.  This is the next step.