Sunday, February 5, 2012

Run Like You Stole Something...

So, before child I had taken up running.  Please do NOT mistake me here. I ran in spurts.  Uncoordinated,  plodding, huffing and puffing spurts.  But I did it.  And for the most part it felt pretty good.  (well, except for that whole sciatic nerve thing) I was proud of my non-athletic self doing something and sticking with it.  I would slack off when the weather wasn't ideal (winter time). But I would do a bang-up job in the spring and summertime.

The we moved.  And made a baby.  And I started my new job 45 minutes from home.  And I am SO not a morning person.  And with life comes roadblocks.  Well, at least with my life.  I love nothing more than throwing up roadblocks.  Such as...

I cannot possibly get up at 4:30am to work out.
We don't own a treadmill.
Our old neighborhood was super-accomidating to running. Our new one has two tiny streets. Meh.
After work, I pick up our boy. Where will he go when I run?
Do I run in the dark when my husband gets home?

See? I am so good at this game.  I can do the hamster wheel arguing till the cows come home.

But our boy is going on five and we are not getting any younger.  And not feeling any better about our health.  So about a week ago my husband showed me an app he downloaded that is one of those "couch to 5K" training programs.  I put it on my phone yesterday.  And then found a race for us in May.  I figured that if we registered for a race we are pretty much obligated to do this whole moving thing.

I am terrified.  I don't race.  I haven't raced ever.  Not even the 100-yard dash in elementary school field day.  I stuck to the hippity-hop relays and jump rope.  Public races? Holy hell people.  This is horrifying.  But, if signing up will get me moving and training so I don't completely embarrass myself, then so be it.  This week starts week one of an eight-week training program.  Three days each week of running.  Nothing crazy.  I can do this.


And if you hear whimpering, that will be me in the corner.


So, I read Karen Wolrond's Babble post on exercise right after posting. (complete was linked in her chookooloonks blog from Friday, and I had NO idea!) Fantastic. And there was this sweet little video. So awesomely motivating.  You're welcome.