Thursday, January 19, 2012

Of Know it All's and Irritation

This will be short...I'm sitting in a training for the next two days and working on a big project for my "real" job. And quite near me there is someone who keeps telling everyone in the room how awesome they are. Not us. Them. And us keep rolling our eyes and resisting the urge to slap this person. Readers, if you are ever in a training; particularly one that requires full attention and is not exciting, do not act like you are the expert. People may get stabby. And don't monopolize time. And don't talk while the trainer is teaching the entire group. That brings to an end my current list of rules for a training session. If I have more later I'll update. Thanks for abiding by these in trainings we may share and in your own. Happy Thursday! P.S. it is snowing here today. I will not let this person bring me down.