Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Hour January 27

Holy heck readers...January is almost over.  The next time I write on a Friday it will be over! I feel as though I was just taking down garland, wrapping up tiny tree ornaments, and stashing away the many snowpeople I put out for Christmas.  Suddenly we are staring down February.  I adore February.  I adore it because it is the month of red and pink and white.  It is the month with a "holiday" devoted entirely to showering love on family and friends.  It is also the month my little man danced out into the world.  If we could only skip March, that would be awesome. (I won't go into my loathing of March too much, as it is happy hour but all that chill and mud and wind just seeps into your soul...)

I am also in disbelief that we have gotten twenty-seven days into January without a snow-storm, blizzard or serious winter weather event to speak of.  I am writing this on the very first day this year we have had a weather related delay.  Not even a fog delay yet.  Part of me is okay with the warmer weather, part of me longs for fluffy flakes, deep drifts, and pinky-white sunsets.  It just isn't quite winter without a little of that.

So, today I am wearing scarlet red lipstick.  This is a new thing for me.  All my cosmetic life I have sworn by the powers of a good lipstick.  This is something passed down to me by my grandmother.  She owned every single shade of lipstick made by Revlon.  I am not even kidding.  They were lined up on her dresser, in numerical order, like little soldiers ready for battle. Red soldiers, orange soldiers, pink soldiers, lavender, tan, plum, wine, beige, fuchsia, even frosted soldiers.  All in that familiar uniform of a Revlon case encircled with those gold rings.  She always told me there was nothing a little lipstick couldn't fix.  Her go-to shades were corals and oranges.  Sometimes reds.  Mine (as a little girl) were the lavenders and pinks. As I got older they were the plums and deeper berry colors. 

This morning, I woke up today to the delightful news that I could sleep in a little, but I also had a raging headache.  Worst way to wake up ever.  So as I got ready for work I decided to lift my spirits with some color.  And no plum, wine, pink, blush, or beige would do.  Today called for red.  I've never been brave enough to wear this shade.  I would try it out in the stores or at home and always remove it.  The shy part of my personality cringing at its boldness.  But the time has come to embrace scarlet red lipstick.  It declares "I am confident. I am happy." And quite honestly, it reminds me that it is time to rise and shine! Just seeing the red half-moon on my coffee mug helps.

Now I ask, what are your little pick-me-ups for days when you feel about as brilliant as grey flannel?  A pretty shirt? A new perfume? A favorite song?

And don't is happy hour.  Lift a glass in celebration and share the many things we have to be grateful for.  This week here it has been...

A two-hour delay on a Friday morning.  Two hours of bonus sleep.  On the world's most perfect pillow.

Pre bedtime snuggles with both my boys.  I don't know when our almost five-year-old will stop wanting to cuddle his parents, but until then we take full advantage. And he demands it. 

Making homemade slime for my son.   I found the recipe on pinterest, and linked to it here.  It was super-easy and has led to endless giggles for all involved!

A trip to Detroit with the entire family for the Tigers Kids Convention.  Seeing the look on our son's face when his favorite Detroit Tiger, Austin Jackson, took the stage was worth it.  Even though I'm an Indians fan, I have to say watching our boy grow as a baseball fan with my husband makes me weepy every time.  Every. Time. (and he also got to wear his brand new Austin Jackson jersey for the first time...said "I'm going to be a player mommy!" Oh man...what are we in for?)

Happy Friday readers...share your good thoughts and lift a glass.  And enjoy your weekend!  I'll see each of you next week!