Monday, January 30, 2012

Number Ten

In case you have not noticed, I have this little thing called my Life Menu.  I made it last fall while taken Karen Walrond's Pathfinder self-study. (side note-if you can swing it, I highly recommend it when she offers the course again!)  I worked for about a month on the menu.  Adding items, taking items away, and finally publishing the menu on this blog.  I wanted it to be public so that whenever I get to accomplish things on it, I can publish them to the world and y'all will know what I'm referring to! 

Well, over the weekend I took steps to one of the items on the menu...item number ten.  Learning the art of beekeeping.  Our awesome CSA, Schooner Farms, offered a class on beekeeping last Saturday.  I signed up for the beginners class.  I can't actually keep bees on our property (drat those zoning regulations) but I can participate in the apprenticeship program at our farm.  So while I will not be crossing off my number ten yet, sometime this summer I plan to toss a veil over my head, throw on a white jacket, and head out to the hives. 

The class itself was fascinating.  Bees, honeybees in particular, are amazing little things.  At the farm Don and Becky have an "observation hive" that you can look at inside of the office... can get up close and personal. I could watch them for hours!
 I took home my literature from class and have been studying like a good student.  I am getting excited for warmer days when I can really start learning hands-on.  I may be a little fearful still, but I trust our farmers and know that this is no different than conquering my fear of other parts of growing and harvesting consumables.  Here's to a new adventure!