Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Hour Friday January 6

I had abandoned this lovely little writing assignment I'd given myself, for reasons I cannot even articulate.  Because there aren't any.  Well maybe because it was an assignment and once something becomes work and moves out of the arena of fun I feel a little rebellious.  Which is ridiculous because I made this up!  (bangs head on desk)

Anyhow, back to happy hour (clink of glasses in background, sounds of live band playing, murmur of crowd) I hope that sets the mood for you...

It hasn't been the easiest week for me personally.  However, there are still things I can raise a glass to.  Things that made me laugh, made me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Reasons to raise my head off the pillow each morning and put one foot in front of the other in the pursuit of moving forward.  So, without further adieu...

Here's to beautiful January Ohio sunrises.  There is simply something about a barren landscape, farm fields swept bare of their crops, ink black trees standing against orangey-pink-purpley skies.  Sure, summer sunsets are sensual and stunning.  But the sunrises as I drive to work in the winter have a simple beauty to them that can take your breath away.  They don't need all the frills of July to make them perfect.

Good talks with besties.  I may be losing one of my dearest friends at work this week (she is moving on to greener pastures-props to her on an awesome new job!) but I know I won't lose her friendship.  Even in her last week here, we have had a few of our good heart-to-heart afternoon chats that always make me feel better. 

Being blessed to have a son who is developing a killer sense of humor.  Yes, for now it is all about silly jokes (pete & repeat stood on a bridge...) and farts. But he also has a keen sense about sarcasm for a four year-old.  This slays me.  Who knew a delightful side effect of parenting would be laughing till your sides hurt?

And finally, a husband who remains my steadying force.  Just when I feel that my ship is about to tip, he rights me.  There are days when I don't even know how I was lucky enough to have him stumble into my life.  Why he picked me.  I am one fortunate woman.

Is my plate full right now? You bet.  Am I feeling overwhelmed and frazzled?  Absolutely.  But when I step back and look at all the goodness in my days it certainly helps.  So raise a glass (or coffee mug, water bottle, or juice box) with me and join in with some of your reasons to celebrate the week.  Happy happy hour y'all!