Saturday, January 7, 2012

Plann(t)ing for Spring

Today is a gloriously sunny Saturday in January.  A rarity for Northwestern Ohio.  Not only is it a sunny day, but it is warmer than average, it hasn't snowed much at all this winter, and we have had a stretch of sunshine that would rival any week in the springtime.  Needless to say we are all walking around with bated breath, telling ourselves the "big one" is right around the corner.  Snow blowers at the ready, loaves of bread and gallons of milk stocked.

We have issues, clearly.

But today I am not thinking about snowstorms, blizzards, or even snow days (those thoughts are reserved for my 5am alarm call, screaming into my perfectly peaceful and cozy sleeping time...but that is another post entirely.)  No, today I am going to snuggle down onto the couch with a few of my favorite seed catalogues, a notebook, and my garden planner.  Today I will start the process of planning next season's vegetable garden.  Last year I did relatively well until the fall when the wheels of life came off and I forgot about such things as heirloom tomatoes, perfect peppers and winding vines of butternut squashes.  I will have a big mess come spring.  But for now I am in a blissful mode of gardens without weeds or tomato hornworms.  (those things make me squeal and squirm...gross.)  Today I will make lists of fish peppers, Cherokee purple tomatoes, purple zinnias, sweet peas, and more.  Sooner rather than later it will be time to start seeds in the dark of winter.  Before I know it I'll have a basement room filled with the scent of baby tomato plants.  If there is anything that combats the doldrums of winter, it is starting your garden early.  Happy planting friends!

One of my favorite sources Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds