Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Hour November 4

Hello readers from Columbus, Ohio! And how has your week been? Fantabulous, I hope! Sorry if this week's post jumps around a little-I'm typing it between conference sessions, on my iPad, and while running around one of my favorite Midwestern cities. (I'm a little busy!)

I'm feeling very grateful this week. Very fulfilled and contented. But I'm also understanding that I'm not okay, and that is okay. I am the kind of person that in the middle of stressful situations I cope by staying as busy as I can, being the "logistics" person, and managing crisis. I don't do much (if any) refection. Now that I am feeling the most stressful times are slowing down and our family life is returning to more of a normal rhythm, I am recognizing that I am not okay. My well is running low. So I need to spend some time working on me. And that is okay. I need to take care of my emotional and physical health and get back on track. The funny part is that as I type this, I'm sitting in a session on counselor burn-out. Boy, I am there. So there.

Writing this post every week is part of learning to take better care of me. So, even though my well is running low, and I'm feeling burnt-out here is what has made me smile and remember how lucky I am...

A delicious meal with my family on Sunday. From preparing the food with my husband to sitting down to the table with my boys, nothing is better than eating with my family.

Baking with my son. In the past year, Jack has taken quite an interest in helping me in the kitchen, and I love it. I have very fond memories of standing on a chair next to my mom while making Christmas cookies. Knowing I'm part of these memories with Jack warms me to the littlest corners of my heart.

Watching our son and his friends enjoy Halloween. It is magical to see them run and play and enjoy the night together.

Face time. Thank you Steve Jobs for allowing me to connect to my husband and son even while being 130 miles from home. Jack kisses the screen, I can see the twinkle in my husband's eyesm we can all laugh and joke and be a family together. It is magic.

Watching our basement project come to completion. After years of vision on my husband's part it is nearly finished. And it is stunning. He has truly built us a perfect little nest down there and in the past week it has become real!

Share your happy moments for the week. Show some gratitude for the goodness in your life and join in on this Friday's Happy Hour. It is four o'clock somewhere, right? Cheers!