Monday, October 31, 2011

A Conferencing I Go...

Tonight may be Halloween, Beggar's Night, All Hallows Eve (or whatever version of Trick or Treat you prefer) but tomorrow I am hightailing it to our beautiful state capital for the one and only All Ohio Counselor's Conference.  Don't lie, I know you are seething with envy at this very moment. 

The AOCC is truly an amazing thing.  First, because it is not just for any one type of (school, community, mental health, marriage, family, substance, etc.) counselors specifically.  Nope, it is all-inclusive.  Bring your favorite mental health professional along with you and enjoy!  I will be sitting in on sessions with fellow school counseling peeps as well as those from community settings, private practice and more.  It is so good to get perspective from such a diverse group of people. Secondly, AOCC is awesome because it has such a wide variety of sessions to attend.  I will be sitting in on sessions on topics ranging from helping students with special needs, bullying, female aggression (grrrrr!), helping students in military families, how to avoid burnout and more! Finally, it is a chance to refresh, reconnect with colleagues I see rarely, and gear up for the tough time of my year.  I always return home feeling excited about my job.  Just the shot in the arm I need after a long start to the school year. 

Did I mention how much I adore Columbus though?  I start feeling giddy about going down there several weeks in advance.  Between the amazing restaurants, the cool shops, and fun things to do, I find my days don't have enough hours in them when I'm at AOCC.  The conference is held at Easton-for those not in the know, one of the malls made like a giant main street-so shopping and food abounds.  But I like to escape the cardboard box of a mall and explore the more downtown districts.  You'll find me roaming the sidewalks of the Short North (my favorite area!) and poking around the quaint streets of German Village.  I love that Columbus can be both big city and small town all at the same time.  You have to love the Midwest for that!

Now, I have to run...I have a very important itinerary to plan...with conference sessions, meal breaks, and all important shopping to squeeze in.  See everyone soon!