Monday, November 7, 2011


Ha! Gotcha with that one, didn't I? No, we are not having a baby.  (not even in the cards for us, so don't ask...babies definitely are NOT us)  However, five years after moving into our home, we are putting some finishing touches on the place.  Again.  This time it is the main living room and our brand spankin new basement family room.  Whoooooo-boy do I ever love to remodel too!

We seem to always be in some state of flux and planning.  This is fine by me.  I love to plot, plan, conceive, and carry out.  It is fun.  I love to decorate.  To redesign a space.  Of course, it is expensive, so I don't get to do this often.  But we (or should I say, my husband) have been working on the basement project since right after we moved into our home five years ago.  He built the walls, he designed the floor plan, he pulled the wires, placed insulation, installed duct work, put in boxes for outlets and switches, wired for sound and cable, hung lights, painted, laid flooring, trimmed, hung doors, even sprayed part of the ceiling black.  He has shopped and priced, and compared products to the ends of this earth. He found a floor model fireplace that is stunning (at half the cost of the actual unit) and installed it himself (with the help of his brothers).  He tiled around the fireplace to make it look straight from an arts and crafts home.  He brought home a butcher block from a school cafeteria that had closed that will be the top of our bar's counter/workspace soon.  We even found two amazing love seats that feel like butter and look like an old school catcher's mitt.  At 2/3 the cost (outlet shopping).  The basement living space is stunning.  And I don't want to leave it.  Ever.  We aren't completely finished.  The bar area needs cupboards and counter tops.  A sink and an actual bar.  It needs shelves too.  Oh and a  refrigerator and dishwasher.  Eventually, when we replenish the coffers we will finish the bathroom-it is a "men's" bathroom, if you catch my drift.  But that is down the road. 

What I'm most thrilled about is we now have a true family room downstairs.  One that we can flop on the couch, flip on a movie (in 3D!!), snuggle in front of the fire, and enjoy the evening.  Our son has a full-fledged playroom he loves and can stretch his legs in.  And upstairs we have a living room that won't feel so cramped anymore-acting as entertainment space, playroom, family room and more.  Our house has grown in such a lovely way.  I promise I'll post some photographs soon...once our new furniture has arrived, and the project is nearer completion.  Maybe with some holiday decor added too!  Oh, the next few months are going to be so much fun!  You know, nesting and all!