Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Hour October 28

Whew! What a roller coaster of a week it has been here.  I, for one, am so glad it is Friday I could squeal.  I know that all week I've been looking forward to putting this post into words.  Because sometimes just saying what I'm grateful for gives me a bit of sunshine in my days.  We have been dealing with many health issues within my immediate family, and for those of you who know what this is like, it can be tremendously stressful.  Just when I thought I had started to feel better, feel more like myself, something else came along this week.  It wasn't even a major problem, but it was just enough to send me reeling.  So, I continue to work on seeking out the good and positive in each day-to keep me whole, to keep me sane, to keep me feeling good.  I have as the wallpaper on my iPhone a graphic that reads "I will be grateful for this day" set against a backdrop of a very grey and rainy scene.  This is how I have felt.  Determined to find the good amongst the rain.  If you're still sticking with my Friday Happy Hour posts, thank you for doing so.  Here's my happy for the week-when you're done reading, please chime in and share what you've been grateful for this week in the comments.  Use these positive vibes to fuel a fabulous weekend!

For a delightful football weekend with my family.  I adore nothing more than college football when it comes to athletic events, and this past weekend was perfection.  Not only did we get to return to my husband's and my Alma Mater for a game, but we also had perfect autumn weather, a victory, and time with friends.  Then to return home and get to watch an evening filled with spectacular finishes?  For a College Game Day junkie like me, it was more than I could ask for!

Our CSA farmers.  They continue to be people we feel fortunate to have in our lives.  Each week's pick-up is a chance for our son to learn more about food sources, and for us to feel connected to the people and land that brings us what we eat.  Schooner Farms has fed my family for 40 weeks now (over two seasons) and beyond that if you count all the produce/poultry I've canned and frozen. 

For a family practitioner that truly puts patient care above all else.  When I had her paged after hours this week for a urgent medical issue, she not only responded, but she also calmed my fears and directed me to do exactly what needed to be done.  Ever since we moved into our home 5 years ago, I have had many happy discoveries-the quality of medical care being one of them.  Of late I have relied heavily on it and been eternally grateful.  Short of house calls, our family doctor does it all.  Late night pages, calling us whenever test results come in to soothe our worries, and lengthy office visits to get all the proper information.  We are blessed.

A work family that is patient with my crazy life.  I honestly do not know what I would do without them.  I returned to my office today to find things have been taken care of for me.  There were no glaring problems needing solved.  No angry voice mails wanting attention.  Down to the last detail, my co-workers had stepped in and made sure I didn't have to stress about life here. 

A husband who helps hold my pieces together.  Just when I feel like Humpty Dumpty, coming apart, he scoops me up and makes sure I maintain. I truly do not know what I would do without his steadying presence in my life.

Pretty heavy stuff for Happy Hour, I know...but I'm working on it, I promise!  Share some of your happy, and enjoy your weekend. is 4:00 somewhere, so cheers!