Tuesday, October 25, 2011


3285 days ago I went on a date.

It was a date that changed my entire life.

In the 3285 days to follow this has happened...

We got married on the most perfect Ohio July day ever to exist.  Seriously, 75 degrees in July.  Look it up, I am pretty certain it has only happened once.

Those were awesome. Even if one of the dark ones were crushed into my dress. 
I became a stepmom.  Or as she so affectionately calls me...a steppenmommy.  It is pretty awesome.

We only did this to her once. And she was only minorly scarred. Scout's honor.

I graduated from graduate school, we made a baby, built a house, and my steppendaughter graduated from high school.  All in the same year. (oh, and my husband and I both started new jobs that year too...because we are anything if not underachievers!)

Baby boy...bad photo, but when you're 5 seconds post-birth, cell phone is the best you can do!

Steppendaughter went off to college and baby boy started sitting upright.

Did I mention he was part turtle too?

Steppendaughter graduated from college.

Baby boy did NOT want to have his photo taken. Notice new family member...he will make a reappearance...

My baby sister graduated from high school.

He's still camera adverse. And I won't crop out baby sister's boyfriend. Because I'm mean like that.

We grew a garden that is pretty and pretty awesome.

This is the garden in baby stage, year one. Now it has lovely lavender, sweet pea vines, and loads of veggies!

I got orange curtains in our master bedroom.  This is monumental in my life

Not only are they orange and awesome, but my husband picked them out. Beat. That.

Our boy got a "big house." Not to be confused with jail.

His 'big' house

Our boy started pre-school.  Like, on the bus and all day and stuff.

Yes, I did cry.  Because he is so big!
We had us another wedding.  It was beautiful and perfect like the first.  Only in the winter on a sunny and snowy day. Thanks Ohio for being awesome.

My little family grew again!

Holy heck...has it been nine years?  Nine years of building a little family.  Building a life together that has taken us 3285 days to get to this very place where I sit writing you on this blog.  Nine years ago I fell head over heels in love with a man who I adore still.  The man I knew would be a great dad, because he already was one.  The man who gives the best hugs, who is the anchor to my wildly adrift ship, who cooks me the best comfort foods on my worst days.  He is the love of my life.  Happy first date anniversary sweetie...I couldn't love you more!