Thursday, March 3, 2011


So yesterday I talked about finding good eats, and right after I posted, my darling husband got home and asked what our dinner plans were.  Being a hungry gal who had yummy food on the brain, I suggested a good hamburger.  He was up for the idea and wanted to try a new place in a town not far from us.  So, we packed into the car and headed West to Perrysburg, Ohio for dinner.  The restaurant-Perrysburgers-was what we agreed to try.  It was fantastic. 

Come on in, the food is delicious!

Locally owned, with the slogan, "Uncommon Burgers with Unending Fries," it is strictly a burger joint (although you can order hot dogs with the same toppings).  We walked in and settled down at a window seat to read over the menu and make our selections.  The menu (as you can see) is quite extensive! Eventually I settled on the Chicago Burger and my husband on the Billy's Breakfast Burger.  Their kid's menu has one choice-the Krabby Patty Burger.  Jack was in heaven! 


The Extensive Menu

The burgers were fantastic!  Very juicy, perfectly cooked, and delicious.  My Chicago Burger was topped with relish, pickles, sport peppers, banana peppers, and mustard.  The Billy's Breakfast Burger looked to have everything but the kitchen sink on top of it.  The fried egg that topped off that creation was as good a fried egg as you can find anywhere...runny yolk and all!  Jack's Krabby Patty Burger was just the right portion for a 4 year old.  He ate every last bite of it, which is saying a lot for a kid who normally eats only PBJ and chicken fingers with fries.  We were too full to take advantage of the "unending fries" but honestly, the fries were fresh-cut, delicious, and (at least for me) perfect for soaking up malt vinegar.  Maybe next time I won't get the full 8oz burger so I have room for more of their salty, deep-fried goodness. 

My Chicago Burger-Perfectly Messy  
Billy's Breakfast Burger-Complete With Fried Egg!

The best part for both my husband and I, apart from the food, was seeing that the chef that night was a high school senior from our school district who is in the culinary arts program at the career tech school.  It was his first night flying solo, and he did fantastic!  It warmed both of our hearts to see a locally-owned restaurant filled with customers, serving wonderful and simple food, employing young, up & coming chefs, and doing it all so well.  I highly recommend taking in a dinner at Perrysburgers whenever you are in Perrysburg, Ohio.  It is wonderful! (located at 220 Louisiana Ave. Perrysburg, Ohio)

A Very Happy Diner
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