Friday, March 4, 2011

Joyful Friday

I was spending a little time this morning on BlogHer's Own Your Beauty page looking around at some of the fantastic posts, gathering a little inspiration for a rainy Friday morning, when I stumbled across this great clip from Karen Walrond & Alice Bradley. 

(as a side note, if you haven't already been to BlogHer's Own Your Beauty page, go now. It is a great place to browse, read, take the pledge, and more...I'm not kidding.  Go.) 

Anyhow, it is raining here.  After days of sunshine, the rain has returned for the weekend.  The news hasn't been great for people in my profession.  Gas prices are up.  It isn't spring yet.  People are getting a little past grumpy.  I try to be optimistic, to find joy in my days.  But sometimes it gets difficult, like this time of year when it seems the spring will never come and good news is hard to come by. 

As Alice says in this video, humor is a great coping skill, defense mechanism, and way to have fun.  Sometimes we all need to lighten up.  I know nothing makes me feel better after a bad day at work than to come home and laugh my socks off with my family.  So tonight, this weekend, or sometime soon, take a few minutes to watch something silly (Tosh.0 is a favorite of ours), run around like a nut with your kids, read some silly things online (like Finslippy-Alice Bradley's blog), or something else fun.  Just get out of your own head.  It will do you a world of good.  Happy joyful Friday everyone! 

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