Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Eats

One thing my family loves, is to find little hole-in-the wall places to eat.  You know just what I'm talking about...those places that everyone in a small town knows about, but that don't have a website, don't take credit cards, probably do take checks, and have the most delicious food.  Living in Northwestern Ohio, we are surrounded by small town life.  This means we are also surrounded by mom & pop diners, restaurants, and bars.  We do our best to support local business as we are travelling the region for work (i.e. school athletic events, etc.) and generally try to stay away from chains as much as we can.  With the invention of urbanspoon, we have gotten better at our search for the offbeat and fun.  

During the school year, I can't promise that I will be able to post regularly on good small town eats, but I would like to make this a regular feature for my readers.  I'm open to suggestions too, so send em my way! As my family travels the roads of our corner of this state, and branches out further at times, I'll share with you the best of the best that we find.  I have a deep admiration for those who put in the time and effort to put good, from scratch food, in front of hungry customers on a daily basis.  These are the people who make small town life so much fun.  

So start looking for our favorites. I'll list dishes we love. Specials that are worth the drive. Desserts that make your tongue slap your brains out. Who can't love a thing like that?  Now I need to figure out where we are heading for dinner tonight. This girl is hungry!

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