Friday, March 11, 2011

Sidline Report #3

Two lovely things happened yesterday, one is that I got to have a long and lovely chat with Rose on the phone about life, cancer, the school year that is trying to kill me, and other sundries (more on that later).  Two, I saw this report on ABC World News and felt all weepy about it.  Take a look:

When I saw this on the news, it literally took my breath away.  After losing my most dear grandmother eight years ago to colon cancer, to know that so many are beating the disease, it makes me feel wonderful.  To know that Rose, one of my most dear friends is in the best of all possible positions in modern medicine, well, that is even better.  What really struck me too about this clip, was what they said about the caregivers.  The husband talked about how he felt as though there wasn't much he could do.  Hospitals are now providing support not just for the patients, but for the patent's caregivers (spouses, children, friends, etc.) as well.  In the form of counseling, warm places to sleep, a comforting touch, and more.  I think all too often, we are so focused on the cure, that the cure harms the unit of support and the patient too.  We're getting wise to that.  All the better for patients today, like Rose.

So, in our hectic lives we finally got a chance for our phones to cross wires and for us to connect again.  I never forget how much I need to laugh and talk with her.  It is so good for my soul.  Yesterday was no different.  Like I said, I've had the "school year that is trying to kill me" and was able to lament about this with Rose, while she laughed heartily at my silliness.  (including me threatening to quit parenting if my child gives me yet another school-yard illness)  She filled me in on her progress too.  Much to my relief, the mass that was removed was only 1/4 inch, and they got everything.  No signs of cancer in any other areas.  (wipes forehead with relief)  I had to laugh at the visual of Rose asking the doctor why exactly she needs radiation if they got it all, and the response was "without it, you have a 3 in 10 chance of recurrence, with radiation you have almost a 0 in 10 chance." (my numbers may be slightly off, but you get the picture).  She was ready to sign up!  

So, the next step is for radiation to begin, now that her strength/stamina is building back up.  I don't know how much help I am, talking to her on the phone from such a distance.  Our weekends have been so full, my promised trip hasn't happened yet.  But soon, dear friend!! As I type this, I am staring at 14 bottles of 'less sweet cotton club ginger ale' bound for her house.  It isn't much, but it is the best this busy girl can do.

That's all for now.  I'm taking a weekend break from is Jack's birthday gift weekend...Disney on Ice, The Henry Ford Museum, and some Michigan restaurants.  I'll have a full travel report for y'all next week.  You know, because I love my readers so much (whoever you are!).

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