Sunday, October 17, 2010

Secrets to successful shopping

Shopping...we went shopping yesterday.  Glorious, beautiful, wonderful wandering around an actual mall shopping.  Girls, you know what I mean by that.  The kind where you wander between rows of un-worn clothes and run your hands down them wondering which will become yours.  Prior to becoming a mom, this took place on a fairly regular basis.  I owned many pairs of shoes.  I had purses (plural).  Now, shopping with a three-year old who believes the entire world is his to run (and he is correct in this assumption, just don't tell him) is typically a nightmare.  When I'm looking for something to wear, it becomes a marathon to see just how long I can go before we hit meltdown.  This has caused my shoe stock, purse inventory, and general style to take a nose dive, much like our stock market.  My closet and Lehman Brothers have a lot in common.  Then yesterday happened.  Our second stop was at Gap Kids.  I know...expensive stuff.  But I'll get on my soapbox for a minute because I have shopped many places for our boy, and this is one where he can get clothes that he wont rip-tear-wash through-destroy within a month of owning.  I would rather spend the extra cash and have it last one, possibly two seasons (i.e. two winters...yep, moms...two!) instead of the half a winter that the Target/Old Navy/Kohl's/Children's Place stuff does.  Can't tell you how much we've thrown away from those places because our devil has destroyed it!  

Anyhooo...I digress.  We were at Gap Kids and he found a Buzz Lightyear shirt that was all vintage-y cool.  Way better than the cheesy ones I've bought him other places.  It even had those velour letters (in an 80's throwback to my childhood) that said "I do my own stunts" on it.  He was literally ready to strip on the spot and change in the middle of the store.  I am not kidding.  So, in a typical stroke of husband/dad brilliance my husband told our son that if he was good the rest of the day (no whining, crying, and listened to both of us) he could wear the shirt home.  Guess what.  IT WORKED!  I was able to browse the big people side of Gap.  AND TRY STUFF ON.  I even walked out with some beautiful new items for my starved closet.  Then we had lunch at PF Chang's.  Oh the loveliness of it all.  And he wore home his new shirt.  

Of course, he lost the shirt privilege when he proceeded to stick his arm in the toilet later to dig out used toilet paper.  But that is another story entirely...


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