Sunday, October 17, 2010

shopping you can do from home

After my post this morning, I decided to do a little online shopping.  After all, our son can throw a tantrum at home and not disturb the general public, right?  (well, as long as the windows are closed)  I can browse the aisles of online vendors to my heart's content, leaving items in shopping carts as I make peanut butter sandwiches, fetch juice boxes, switch the TV from Monsters Inc to Nick Jr, and come back to find my items haven't been moved back to the racks.  

What is even better is that I can window shop, browse, peruse all of these shops online and never buy feeling as though I've actually shopped, and yet not spent a penny.  Then today I discovered something even better.  Etsy's treasury.  In their words it is, "Etsy's ever-changing, member curated shopping gallery."  Brilliant.  Genius.  I can now create a collection, be a "curator" of this collection, show off my wares to the world, and still have not spent a penny.  What is even more amazing to me is that the genius marketers at Etsy have come up with a tool for people, such as myself, who could literally spend an entire Sunday gleefully clicking their time away on the site, so we can now funnel the clicking into creating these treasuries.  We are basically finding items we love and adore (but aren't purchasing), collecting them together as "curators", and then publishing them to our friends/families via facebook and twitter and our blogs.  What shopping brain trust did they hire at Etsy?  Elle Woods?  Do you want to know what I did for the past 3.5 hours?  Yep.  You guessed it.  I created my very own treasury.  You can go and check it out right here.  I put together a great little collection of Midwestern sellers of clothing, home decor, art, and other fun things.  If I had a bottomless bank account, I wouldn't have published this, because it would all be mine!  But instead, I'm sending it out to you.  So enjoy shoppers...and tell me what you find too!
Ruched Scarf
Teacup Nest
Autumn Lighting

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