Thursday, August 5, 2010

My summer mornings

May I just take a moment to enjoy my last morning with the sunshine pouring in the front windows while I'm sitting  at the computer reading over my favorite news feeds and blogs doing something I've come to adore in the past several years...drinking really rich lovely coffee?  Starting tomorrow the routine will shift a bit where I will be nursing it out of a travel mug in my car as I listen to NPR on my way into the office.  There won't be the option of a second cup when I arrive.  (this is because I have a very specific method to my coffee madness, which would require far too much effort at work)  My favorite mug is at home.  It is one that is a thick handmade pottery, and has a wide enough handle I can slip my entire hand through.  Oh, I love my summer mornings for this reason.  I can take in the moments between when I am up and ready and my son comes barreling out into the world with a warm cup of sweet and divine goodness in my hand.  Come fall, the weekends will be similar, but they have their own traditions...College Gameday, breakfast at Star Diner with my boys, our "cave days" where we stay in our pj's until bedtime and change into another pair...but summer...oh summer.  You have been lovely.  Today is my last, and I'll miss you so.

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