Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In which I vent about the potty (childless readers, beware)

We have been potty training.  Our three-year old has been in the process of learning to go on the potty since June.  Peeing he's got...no problem.  But pardon me while I vent about poop.  I am sick to death about it.  Smelling it, seeing it, touching it (gross...I know), washing it out of training pants.  You see, he simply refuses to go in the potty.  He knows that is where it goes.  He understands the process.  He's even done it a few times.  Yet, no matter what we try (and believe me...we've tried everything) he just WILL NOT ELIMINATE said poop into said potty.  

I've. Had. It.

If I brought in the teenagers who are my students to deal with our son right now, they would probably all take abstinence pledges before leaving our house.  Without prompting.  This is what he would drive them to.  

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