Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chipotle Ketchup Continued...

Well, it is the weekend, and as promised, I made the Chipotle Ketchup.  Here are my notes for any interested party...

First, if you have an immersion blender, it should be your best friend during the making of this project.  I was able to not have to switch pots or lose heating time at all.  It gave me a nice, chunky texture and the best part...less mess to clean up!  Next, if you follow the directions to the letter, this is a spicy ketchup.  I left half of the chipoltes with seeds in and half got seeded cleanly.  Next time I will seed most of them to have a little heat and allow the smoky character to come through.  I had to cook the ketchup for quite some time to get it thick enough.  The recipe called for only twenty more minutes after you blend it to smooth it out.  Twenty minutes were not nearly enough!  It was still watery and runny.  I just kept it going on the stove for over an hour on low, stirring it well every five to ten minutes.

In the end, I got six half-pints of spicy, smoky, sweet, yummy ketchup out of it.  This was easy to make, made our house smell delicious. Now we are coming up with ideas on how to use it this fall and are a few we've thought of already...

On meatloaf (obviously)
Stirred into cheddar mashed potatoes
Added to our one skillet Swiss Steak
On top of hamburgers with sharp cheddar cheese
Brushed on chicken breasts before they're grilled
Tossed onto chicken wings

Any other thoughts?

Chipotle Ketchup Ready For The Winter

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