Saturday, August 31, 2013

Closing Time

For a while now I've been avoiding the inevitable. I have had a guilty cloud looming over my head regarding my blog. I come back to this space resolved to write, to post, to interact. Then I fail miserably. I forget to post for a few days. Then weeks pass. Then I remember and I feel my cheeks flaming with the warmth of embarrassment. You see, I have moved on to other ventures but haven't really left this one behind yet.

I have to say, with regret, it is closing time here. I don't know if I will re-open this spot in the future, or if it will remain closed permanently. I began my blog during a time when I needed a creative outlet in my life. Now I'm firing on all cylinders professionally and personally. By the time I sit down to write I am so tired I can't even think let alone put words to paper. I feel terrible about closing this down, but I don't want (the meager few) readers I have to continue to stop by and check in only to find I'm not posting still.

To bring everyone up to speed so you know I've not fallen off the face of the planet before I button the place is awesome right now. The boy is in first grade and finally growing those front teeth he lost last year back in. Work is amazing. We have a strong team of counselors, have good plans for the year to come, and are doing good things for students. The three of us spent some awesome time in California this past summer. From San Francisco to Los Angeles and all that lies in between. We explored wine country, slept on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, walked San Francisco's neighborhoods, watched baseball games in AT&T and Dodger stadiums, drove the pacific highway, took in Disneyland, stayed in style in an Art Deco Hollywood hotel, and ate our way all through the state. It was a family trip for the ages. Somewhere along the way we forgot what day it was, what time it was, and thought about never coming back. Now that school is back in session here in the middle, the heat is starting to recede south and cooler air seep into our world, we are pulling sweaters out of storage and remembering the feeling of shoes with socks.

Honestly, life has gotten so hectic I have known for some time I'd have to give up blogging. I just couldn't keep up. I'll miss this more than I can say. Hopefully I'll come back here in the future. Until then, I bid you farewell from the middle.