Thursday, February 28, 2013

And it is snowing...

I remember gazing out the front doors of my one of my schools (I have a few I work in) and seeing little flakes fluttering down and promptly dashing into the office with glee.  It was snowing! Come and see! Everyone get excited! Snow!

This was in December.

Today I gaze out of my office window and see little flakes fluttering down and slump down lower into my chair.  It is snowing. Close the blinds.  Wrap me up in a blanket (straitjacket style).  Make giant mugs of coffee.  Make a blazing fire.  Go into denial. 

Needless to say, I am struggling with winter this year.  Last year we had nary a flake of snow.  It was warm(er) than your average Midwestern winter.  The sun shone down more than we saw clouds.  Our vehicles did not become encrusted with their normal salt layers.  I determined from my joy that yes, I could actually make a move to warmer climes and not miss the snow.  I think last winter is why I am struggling this year.  I am feeling desperate for some sunshine and warmth.  The snow is no longer looking pretty to me.  The wind is just cutting into my core and making me shiver.  I want to pull out my sandals and sundresses.

I know, I know.  I am whining.  I have to endure all of March yet.  I have to make it through four more tough weeks of darkness before we even start to see peeks of springtime around here.  Based on my 34 years of experience, I can do this.  But today, as it continues to flurry outside my window, I am feeling unable to face it.

At least Mel-O-Creme opens tomorrow.  And I can get a chocolate marshmallow malt, turn the heat in my car to full-blast and pretend it is July.