Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seasonal Homesickness Disorder

Oh snow, I miss you.  I miss your giant fluffy flakes that drift down.  I miss your swirling white-outs when I'm sitting in my living room in front of a fire.  I miss your cottony-soft drifts that pile up on the roadside and turn our generally flat landscape into tunnels and hills and valleys.  I miss the sharp-edged trees getting flocked with coats of white. 

We haven't had any snow here at all since last March.  Early last March.  And truly, it hasn't really snowed here in over a year.  I mean a real Ohio snow.  The kind that we cook batches of chili, eat peanut butter sandwiches, and drink lots of hot coffee for.  The kind where schools close for a day while the streets get plowed out.  The kind that makes us grateful for summer's heat and sunshine.  Last winter was gloriously beautiful.  It was warm enough that I ran outdoors much of the time.  Without bundling up.  It was sunny more often than not.  There were days I walked out of my office and it smelled like spring-in January and February.  When we bought my brand-new convertible it was March 17 and I was able to drive her home with the top down.  This is so not typical.  I was appreciative of the break in the weather.  But I long for a good snowstorm.  I know there are those who don't love snow.  Those who loathe winter.  But I love each season and the extremes.  I wouldn't be a good Midwesterner if I didn't.  Something feels like it is missing around here right now.  Until we get the warnings to slow down on the roads, the schools start closing, and the winds start howling, I won't feel as though it truly is winter.  And spring won't be as lovely.  Nor will summer. 

Can someone bring back my proper seasons?  I miss them so.