Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Westward Bound!

We have made the epic decision to take our summer travels across the great continental divide and head to California. If you are a regular reader of my corner of the interwebs, you know we have stuck to places we can reach via car and a few tanks of gas. But this wasn't entirely out of the blue. A way long time ago in a far away land....

Okay, not so long ago and not so far away, I was preggers. And when in such a state I declared we would take our then uterus-bound son to Disney before he was too old to be disillusioned by it. I hadn't gone as a child. My husband hadn't gone either. Dammit, our son would! So we came up with a plan. Somewhere around kindergarten or first grade we would head to Disney for vacation. Until then we would spend our summer vacation time at the beach, figuring it very baby/toddler friendly. After Disney, start planning summer road trips.

Before I knew it we are suddenly in the throes of kindergarten. I'm not sure how this happened. But here we are. Our boy is a Cars-loving soul. When we heard about the new Cars Land opening at the Disney Land in California, we knew our trip would head west and not south. If you know us though, you know we are not amusement park, theme park, or otherwise inclined folk. The notion of Disney Land over World is perfect for us. It is smaller. It is historic (well, it was Walt's first park). It doesn't require the tolerance of 100° heat and 100% humidity. And it is in a much cooler state. Win-win!

So, the planning stages have begun. We are looking at all of our options right now, and won't really be booking anything until after the holidays we think. Obviously we will fly there. This thrills our boy to no end. (Well, both boys and mom. We are a family of nerds) It will be a two-week journey. Four days, or so, in Disney. Then rent a car, hit Highway 1 and meander up the coast towards San Francisco. It will be a total road trip.

I fully intend on writing the heck out of this. From the planning stages, packing, transportation, actual trip and arrival back home. Prepare yourselves. It's about to get all Cali up in here. But if you are looking at doing anything similar, you can at least learn from our mistakes and benefit from our finds.

I hope you are ready California. The Clarks are a comin'!