Thursday, October 18, 2012


Drawing robots. All kinds of robots. Self as robot. Self looking at robots. Robot doors. Robot monsters. It is robot mania up in here. Our boy has discovered that blank pages are cooler than coloring books, and is currently filling up every blank piece of paper he can find with robots. Lots of robots.

Healing from illness.  We have had (in no particular order) fevers, boils, bacterial infections, colds, throat infections, stomach illnesses, and warts. The month of October is typically when we raise the white flag of surrender to our profession (school employees unite!) and succumb to illness.  Lots of fluids. Lots of medicine. Lots of laying around.  This is the order of the day.

Feeling exhaustified of all the election coverage. We live in the battle-ist of battle ground states. In the county that seems to predict the way our state will go. As our county votes, so goes Ohio.  As Ohio goes, so goes the election. Needless to say, our voice mailbox was filled (25 messages!) with campaign calls.  Our mailbox gets stuffed with fliers and mailers.  Just yesterday we had two polling calls.  Two! I love politics.  I love to vote. (haven't missed an election yet in my voting years) But this is making even me exhausted.

Anticipating winter. I know I will probably regret this sometime in February, but I am feeling ready for the cold and wind.  I am looking forward to sweaters and slippers and fires and hot mugs of beverages that warm me to my toes.  I am excited for snuggling under blankets as the winds howl outside.  This winter, I want some snow.  Or a repeat of last winter when it was warm and sunny.  Nothing in the middle.  I hate chilly and muddy winters.

Savoring the last of the morning's coffee.  Almost lunchtime.  Nothing I love more than my morning cup o joe.  It is meditative.  It is my zen.  Time to stir the cream.