Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

My brain turns to mush at this point in the week.  I lose my drive to push through the challenge of the days and long for sleep.  My newly-formed allergies are getting the best of my poor eyeballs and sinus cavities.  I'm not really focusing on any one task well.  This is me today:


I'm back. Here are a few things from my plate today.

1. I can't turn off The Weather Channel's coverage of Isaac. I am a weather fanatic. I am alternately terrified and fascinated by it.  I will be the first to hide in the basement when it is storming here, but the last to turn off coverage of a hurricane.  Don't ask me to analyze this. 

2. If you want to do something to help those affected by Hurricane Isaac, I strongly urge you to check out ISOH/IMPACT. They are a local charity here (Toledo, Ohio) but help victims of disaster worldwide.  Their bucket brigade is an easy way to provide specific help for people who need it.  From buckets filled with food relief, cleaning supplies, pet aid, baby care needs, and more.  What is better is that ISOH/IMPACT makes it easy to help-you can print this PDF and fill a 5 gallon bucket to drop off as a donation.  Or, if you aren't in the Toledo area, you can donate online and sponsor a bucket. 

3.  Tell your loved ones you love them.  Take care of your health.  Please.  And remember that no matter how crummy your day is going, it isn't nearly as awful as what is happening next door to my office right now.  Today a student lost her parent unexpectedly.  Today this student's other parent had to make a drive here to tell their child they lost their parent.  Today this family's life is changed forever.  I know I will head home, hug my son tighter, kiss my husband one more time.  I will say "I love you" more than I normally do.  Because I am lucky enough to do so.  And I will try not to feel like my days are so awful.  At least I still have days to spend.

Have a fabulous rest of the Wednesday, readers.  Do something lovely with the remaining hours.  Then kick it into gear and end the week well.  We can do this!