Friday, July 13, 2012

Sand Between My Toes

We just recently returned from a week at Tybee Island, Georgia.  It is what I consider to be one of the most perfect places on the planet.  Laid back as all get-out.  Friendly everywhere you go.  Small enough you don't need to drive much at all.  The scent on the breezes switches between the salt from the sea and the salt-mud of the marshes.  The entire island functions on what they call "Tybee Time"-and it truly does.  We swear days have hours added to them, and each hour moves slower than the last. It is divine.

The first few days of our stay was a deluge of rain and wind, thanks to Tropical Storm Debby.  Yet it wasn't a washout.  The islanders handled her arrival with the same attitude they do any other event-a chance to toast her arrival and pour drinks for everyone around! Cheers!  So we holed up in our lovely cobalt blue Fish Camp Cottage, snuggled under blankets, read books, played cards, drank wine, went on a few wet walks, and crossed our fingers that Debby wouldn't stay with us all week.

Angry, growly ocean. What's a girl to do? 
White wine on the screen porch? Why yes! 
A beach read on the day bed under a handmade blanket? Okay!
And then like magic we went to bed (well that wasn't magic), woke up for our morning walk and heard only the singing of all the birds of Tybee.  No rain.  I hopefully peeked out of our window and saw blue skies and sunshine. We couldn't get our walking shoes on fast enough! To the beach for our sunrise walk.  In the process of her storm and strife, Debby had scrubbed the atmosphere as clean as could be.  No humidity.  Cooler temperatures.  We could actually go to the beach-and get wet from swimming, not rain! I was so excited I considered cartwheels!

Look at how lovely Fish Camp is in her sun-dappled glory! 

The sun was so happy to return to Tybee it was exploding all over the garden at Fish Camp!
This was the vacation of doing nothing.  Quite literally.  After Debby's rains stopped, we moved our reading of books, playing of cards, and drinking of drinks from indoors to outdoors.  The beach umbrella was set up, the bathing suits came out, and we took to the sand.  There was digging to be done, waves to crash into, dolphins to watch, walks to be had, and more sun-filled relaxing to fill up on.

I will save this image for days this winter when I am chilled to the bone.

The view from under my new straw hat. 

Sunburned cheeks didn't keep this treasure seeker down.
In between our relaxing days at the beach, we did leave our little Fish Camp Cottage for a few meals out and one tiny adventure.  We chose Fish Camp for a few reasons.  One-it was adorable as could be.  Two-it was tiny and fit our family just right.  Three-it was within walking distance of our favorite spot to eat in all of Georgia-AJ's Dockside.  I don't even know where to begin when telling you just how much I love AJ's.  From the fact that you sit outside (if you know what is good for you) on a deck or dock.  (don't worry, there are giant fans everywhere) To the realization that the restaurant sits on the back river part of the island, affording you beautiful sunset views in the evening, and salt marsh views all day long.  And the food-oh the food.  I fell in love with crab eating at AJ's for the first time.  They have a sandwich-the crab burger-that could quite possibly be the very thing I request for my last meal.   From the spicy-sweetness of the giant crab cake, to the remoulade sauce that comes with it, and the ohmygoodnessIamdroolingeverywhere-ness of the experience.  Here, just look.  Don't lick the screen though.

I seriously have dreams about this sandwich.

I failed to photograph the delicious homemade Key Lime pie for you-I was in a food coma.  We went two times during our stay-on our first day on the island and on our last.  If there was a way for AJ's to fly me a crab burger to Ohio, I would pay for it.  Mmmmmmm.

My husband and I managed to talk (con) my brother (who went with us for the week) to watch our son for part of a day so we could drive into Savannah for some massages at Savannah Day Spa.  I found it on yelp-it was the top-rated spa (yelp did not disappoint here!) booked a couples massage and we headed in.  If you are ever in the Savannah area, book something, anything, at Savannah Day Spa.  From the moment we walked into their beautiful facility (housed in a old home right on Oglethorpe Avenue) we were made to feel comfortable and at home.  We left feeling relaxed and blissful.  Truly divine!

As a sidenote, the cottage we rented-Fish Camp Cottage-was absolutely adorable.  We used Mermaid Cottages as our rental agent, and they were the best rental company we have ever worked with (and we have used many during our vacationing experiences!).  From our booking, through our many questions, to the fact that they are "on-call" 24 hours if we need anything-the ladies of Mermaid are fantastic! Fish Camp was small (at only 900 square feet) but it lived large.  It was filled with thoughtful touches the owner added-hand crocheted blankets, a well-stocked kitchen, tons of books on shelves throughout the cottage, lots of local art, many movies, not to mention the freshly ground Mermaid Morning Bliss coffee that was waiting for us on the counter.

This vacation was just what the doctor ordered.  I am starting to feel more like myself again.  I wish the doctor would order a course of crab burgers, but that doesn't seem to be in my future.  I'll work on that one.