Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Superpower

I found it.  Discovered my inner superpower.  The thing that I excel at above all else.  Why try to deny it?  Time to bring this power out from the shadows and let it soar!

See? I even have a cape!

I showed this delightful discovery to my poor, bedraggled husband and he laughed.  At least I think he laughed.  Or did he laugh to cover up his horror?  Or did he laugh to cover up his horror at discovering his wife is crazy?  And why am I typing faster and faster as I think this over.


I am doing it again. 

Anyhow, I have been doing rather well with containing my superpower.  Since winter I have been writing, meditating, breathing, seeking medical help, running, and working on my diet.  All good things.  But the last month has been chaotic.  Life as a school counselor (teacher/administrator/school person period) can be that way the last quarter of the school year.  So I stupidly let myself go.  I fell off the running wagon.  I have allowed a little bit of regular pop to trickle back into my diet.  I haven't done yoga in a few weeks.  I haven't stayed up on my to-do list like I should.  And to make matters worse, I beat myself up for it.  Like seriously.  Like in the "you are such a loser" way. 

Palm to face.

So, this week it is sunny every day.  I am hitting the trail again with the running shoes.  I am eating better lunches again.  And I will do yoga at least once.  I started the meditative breathing again.  And those to-do lists that make me feel like I am on top of things? So doing those.  I can get the run away horses back in the stable. 

But I still want to wear my cape.  Because that is badass.  Bad. Ass.