Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday Night Feeling

Oh momma, is this lady ever burnt out.

The ashes of my former self are scattered in many directions, blown by the winds of grumpy co-workers, angsty teens, the stretch of this time of year that seems endless between winter break and spring break, the piling up of work on my desk that I swear reproduces overnight, and the looming threat of the end of it all in June and my fears that I will never accomplish what I need to in such a short time.

In short, I need a break.

Luckily, tomorrow begins my spring break.  Nine blissful days away from my office.  Nine days without voice mail.  Without email.  Without master schedule building, schedule changes, state testing, career tech school applications, grants, grade printouts, transcripts, and more.  It is an empty slate of vacation.

And I cannot wait.

The best part of any vacation are the very first moments.  Those seconds when you walk away from responsibility and into relaxation.  It is what I fondly refer to as "The Friday Night" effect of any time off.  You know what I mean...the way you feel on Friday evening when the entire weekend stretches out in front of you, free of work obligations.  I am feeling those exact emotions right this second.  I wish I could bottle that and save the feeling for when I most need it.  On the night before returning to school.  But then again, if I had the power to bottle The Friday Night effect, I wouldn't have to return to work.  I would be a gozillionare. 

Next week I plan to do very little.  Plant seeds in my garden.  Start seeds indoors.  Process some photographs.  Catch up on laundry.  Watch some very girl-centric movies.  Drive my boy to pre-school.  Take a soap-making class.   Cook dinners.  It sounds very delightful-almost summer vacation like. 

But for now, I'm just going to call in for pizza delivery, enjoy Opening Day for several baseball teams, and eat some ice cream.  Because it is my Friday Night of vacation.  Don't tell me otherwise.